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You cannot talk about personalization without talking about mobile optimization. Personalize your website to the mobile user by removing excess content, shortening forms, and elevating conversion points so its easier to take action.


Mobile Search Trends:

1 - According to research from Google, 61 percent of mobile visitors will quickly look for another site if they don't find what they are looking for right away.

2 - It's Growing - Search is a really critical part of Google's mission. Google has seen mobile search grow at an exponential rate - it's increased five-fold worldwide in the past two years. That rate of growth is comparable to the early days of Google's desktop search.

3 - Not That Different From PC Search - "It's fair to say people aren't searching for different things on mobile, they're just searching at different times," says Feng (Paul Feng, group product manager for mobile ads at Google).

4 - We Search Because We Want To Take Action - 50% of mobile queries have local intent, and 46% of mobile queries pertain to infotainment. Consumers are searching when they're on the go, when they're looking to find news and movie theaters. In short, they're ready to take action or make a purchase - they're using the web to figure out what to do and where to go next.

5 - Optimize Text Ads for Search - Focus on a Purchase-Ready Audience.



1 - Don't make the visitor search. - SOS can develop a better understanding of the various personas who come to your website, then dive into personalizing content around them. Increasing conversions and increasing sales.


What you get:

1 - Evaluate Your Website - do you have a Sitemap? I verify that you have Title Tags, I check for duplicate content.

2 - Landing Page Optimization for conversions.

3 - Keyword strategies made for long-term presence.

4 - SEO and Maps optimization Better placement - right where your customers are looking.

5 - Mobile targeting Mobile - friendly websites and marketing targeting mobile behavior.

6 - Clear monthly progress report - Roadmap detailing all the work being done.


Hold me accountable for the work I promise. Complete all recommended website changes, navagation, content duplication, optimization and recommeded adjustments. Be patient. SEO takes time; the wait will be well worth it.


Start by calling for a free consultation.


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