SOS is a Kalamazoo based consulting firm. We specialize in online marketing solutions and IT services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Since our beginning in 1989, we have experienced remarkable transformations. Ever evolving from a computer sales, integrated networking solutions and amazing creations of Web services, a great journey. In that time, we have seen how the creativity and hard work has provided the tools to enable customers to use the Internet to free themselves of the constraints of the physical world and to revolutionize their lives and their approach to commerce. With our fervent focus on small and medium businesses, we are helping you level the playing field of competition. Whether you are thinking of starting a new business or growing an existing one, we are here for you!

The Journey

Today, with that experience and knowledge as our foundation, we are firmly on the path to helping small and medium businesses succeed online. We've evolved to know helping people navigate the technological waters of the Internet in order for them to fulfill their dreams is our most important priority. We serve customers successfully every day. And we're continuously striving to improve our customer experience. We take pride in that. And we are passionate about serving them and doing the very best that we can. This is what makes the future so exciting — I invite you to learn more about our remarkable journey.

Online Marketing Solutions

We specialize in online marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Our team of marketing professionals is dedicated to providing you with tangible results and Return on Investment (ROI). We only work on campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN.

What sets us apart from other online marketing firms is our approach and results. We utilize ethical white-hat SEO best practices based on the search engines' webmaster guidelines and our own dedicated research. With the ever changing landscape of organic search ranking algorithms, sustainability is of paramount importance. Our aim is not only to deliver effective natural search engine rankings, but also to keep you there.


K-Valley Orthopedics

"No one on our office staff has comprehensive IT knowledge. In the three years that we have worked with SOS they have provided a broad range of skills from basic PC installation and operation, to wireless networking in a building that was far behind the technology curve. As we prepare to move into the electronic medical record environment, I have full confidence that SOS will continue to provide the expertise we need to be successful."

Van Horn Builders

After being burned when we jumped into the Nehru jacket fad, we were hesitant to get involved with this new computer/internet craze Judy has helped us grow and learn how to integrate technology into our business. We have gone from writing notes on pieces of lumber, to being connected to jobsites and suppliers, as well as being accessible on jobsites via truck based laptops that communicate seamlessly with our office system. We do not know how we would have navigated this transition without the services of SOS.